#1 Fight Or Flight

‘Where had it all gone wrong Patrick!’, I muttered as I sat at the kitchen table, papers strewn in every direction.

‘A few short months ago we had it all. A place to call home, a stable vocation and happy surroundings. Look where we are Patrick! We’re back at square one’.

We hadn’t achieved anything. It had all been a lie.

Patrick didn’t say a word. He just sat on the edge of the window sill staring off towards the end of the garden.

‘PATRICK!!’, I continued. ‘They put the word global in our title. We had made it. We had achieved what we had originally set out to do!’.

Patrick’s silence said it all.

We hadn’t achieved anything. It had all been a lie.

Five years previous we had returned from a Round The World trip and had finally realised after all our time on this planet what we had been born to do.

To write. To become an author.

But life had gotten in the way and we had disappeared in amongst the herd of the rat race.

We had tried several times over the years to resurrect our ambition but it had been to no avail.

Over encumbered by daily commutes and lengthy monotonous email threads the writing process had slowly transformed from an active goal into a passive and distant memory.

Not anymore.

We had just resigned from our corporate role. Enough was enough. There was now one question on both of our minds.

To fight or flight.

‘We choose to fight Patrick. We choose to fight’, I whispered as I turned over the cover of the fresh unused paper pad and flicked the lid from my pen.

‘We will become an author. We will self publish our book’.

There were no more layers to hide behind. No more excuses to stand in our way.

With that, I blew some crumbs off the edge of the pad and began to draw our plan.

This is our story.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

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