#3 The Spider Prophecy

Perched atop his tower made of web Susan watched in silence as Patrick began to draw his self publishing spider diagram far below on the paper pad.

As Patrick drew line after line, interconnecting his movements with bulleted nodes and brief descriptions Susan wondered if the prophecy had finally come true.

The youngest of six male spiders Susan had been dubbed a female at a very young age. His inability to coalesce with his older siblings had meant that the usual day to day activities and chores a male spider would normally endure – agility training, fang defence and the poison arts had been replaced with ones usually associated with the female counterparts of their cluster.

Susan watched as the strange creature below brought to life the legend of his forefathers

Day after day Susan would spend his time weaving curtains, designing tapestries and honing his vocal chords on a harp made from the spines of the fallen and day after day, Susan would be jeered and bullied by his siblings and comrades for being an outsider.

‘He doesn’t fit in’, most of them would whisper. ‘He needs to be discarded’.

Descending from a long line of warriors and blood thirsty savages, although Susan did not appear to display the physicality’s of his lineage on the outside, deep inside his spirit and will was as strong as his brothers’, stronger in fact as time would eventually tell. It was this willpower that allowed Susan to rise above the whispers and drown out the murmured conversations that resided in the shadows all around him.

Sitting in his tower, his newly finished tapestry laid out carefully on the floor beside him, Susan watched as the strange creature below brought to life the legend of his forefathers.

Century old scribes had spoken of a master web, one so pure that it combined the physical with the spiritual into the ultimate prophecy of truth and direction.

As Patrick sketched the path to self publishing our book Susan wondered whether he should alert the rest of the cluster. He thought about it some more and then decided not to make a sound but to wait and see if this creature was indeed the one his forefathers had spoken of.

Misjudgement would not be looked upon lightly so he waited in silence for the creature to finish it’s task.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

One Comment

  1. Eamon Crosbie

    Just saw this quote. ” It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

    W.E. Henley Kind regards,

    Eamon Crosbie.



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