#5 The Awakening

Susan dangled outstretched on his thread eager to hear all that the creature below had to say.

He didn’t know why he was so intrigued by the conversation but something deep inside urged him to stretch a little further in order to gleam every word being uttered.

As the creature spoke about forests and strategies Susan noticed a strange feeling building deep inside. It started in the tips of his legs and slowly began to coarse it’s way throughout his tiny little body, wrapping his legs in their entirety before finally blanketing his torso and smothering his eyes.

Susan wasn’t afraid.

Although the feeling was completely alien, unlike anything he had ever felt before there was an eerie sense of familiarity, almost as if this intrusion was a natural manifestation and evolution of what he really was.

He allowed the sensation to engulf him, opening his mind completely as it beckoned at the door to be allowed inside.

There, standing before him was the creature and it’s friend and he knew exactly what he must do.

The more the creature spoke the more the feeling grew until eventually Susan’s eyes were clouded over and he hung lifelessly at the end of his long and spindly thread.

An awakening was occurring.

As Susan dangled there frozen in time electric clouds and thunderous roars flashed across his mind, each one more vivid than the last as they wrestled each other for the spotlight, each striving to be chosen as the one to open Susan’s mind.

Lines of numbers and paragraphs of strange characters flew from left to right as Susan rode the invisible slide to enlightenment.

He didn’t know what any of it meant but at the same time he felt as if he had seen it long before.

The images grew more frantic, the timing between each becoming shorter and shorter until eventually one could not be discerned from the next as they combined together into brief blips hidden amongst an ever brightening flash of light.

Faster and faster the brightening light came, pounding louder and closer to Susan’s psyche and inner core as it forced his eyes into the back of his head, succumbing him entirely to it’s array of knowledge.

Foam bubbled from his mouth as the temporary paralysis hindered his bodily functions completely useless, placing him in an almost mummified state.

As the intensity of the ordeal expanded and expanded, Susan began to vibrate back and forth ferociously, jerking and spasming in every conceivable direction.

The spasms intensified until his thread finally snapped from the strain and Susan fell to the ground below.

As he fell, the light grew to it’s final crescendo as every image, dot and flash expanded into an arcing horizon of calm and tranquility.

Susan landed on his feet, took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

The awakening was complete.

There, standing before him was the creature and it’s friend and he knew exactly what he must do.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

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