#6 A Strange Message

I dove for cover as the spider landed right in front of me, it’s legs flexing as it regained it’s composure and prepared to open it’s mouth.

“SWEET MOTHER OF DIVINE AND ALL OF HER ADVERSARIES!!!!”, I yelled as I tumbled through the air, tucking my head into my chest in preparation for the impending impact.

Patrick flew passed my peripheral vision in a blurry whizz as I hit the ground behind him, my chin skidding across the tiles as I tumbled and rolled to the safety of the living room couch.

That isn’t Patrick’s voice!”, I alarmingly thought myself. “WHO THE HELL IS THAT??!!!

“GIVE IT WHATEVER IT WANTS PATRICK!!!!”, I screamed as I peered out from my temporary haven, beads of sweat rolling down my forehead temporarily blinding my vision.

Patrick couldn’t hear me.

From my hazy vantage point I could just about make out their silhouettes across the room.

“Oh God”, I thought to myself. “Patrick isn’t moving. The spider has done something to him. Patrick’s been paralysed!!!”


Still there was no response.

I was about to yell once more when I noticed Patrick beginning to move, his head reaching outwards and downwards as the gap between the two of them gradually began to close.

“This is it!!”, I began to panic. “The spider is drawing Patrick to his imminent doom!!! If he’s going to be saved I need to do something right now!!”

I tried to shiver away the terror and anxiety I felt for this creature and was just about to leap from my sanctuary in aid of my fallen comrade when I noticed something extremely peculiar that stopped me dead in my tracks.

Patrick wasn’t being drawn towards his death at all. He was SPEAKING with this horrible little creature!

“MAD MAN!!!”, I thought to myself as I began to rise up from behind the couch, the shiver tactic successfully boosting my adrenaline level, allowing me to focus and concentrate on the task that lay ahead.

“Why would he speak with such a thing”, I anxiously questioned aloud. “What benefit would such a conversation garner him!”

I needed answers but I was still too afraid to leave the safety of my new found haven. With little time to lose and with no conceivable way for me to approach the creature I closed my eyes and tried to connect with Patrick’s psyche.

Although we appeared to be separate entities, we were in fact one and the same. He was my chief numbskull and I was his physical vessel. His thoughts provoked my actions and my actions reflected his deepest wishes.

I clenched my fists and tried even harder to connect with him across the room.

What started out as a muffled whisper gradually grew into an ambient deep toned murmur until eventually the mumbling and ambience fell away and a clear message could be heard.

“That isn’t Patrick’s voice!”, I alarmingly thought myself. “WHO THE HELL IS THAT??!!!”

Little did I know that I had somehow managed to intertwine my psyche with the spindly creature from across the room and that it had an important message for Patrick and myself.

I listened intently as my courage began to grow once more.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

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