#8 SERPs

“WHERE IS IT?!!”, I shouted as I bounded over to Patrick, my arms flailing in every direction on the off chance that I suffered a surprise attack on my short but heroic journey.

“Be careful master!!”, Patrick retorted in a sharp yet damning manner. “It lies injured near your feet. Stay clear and give it some space”.

“Space???”, I replied. “What are you talking about Patrick!! Let’s squish the little bugger into oblivion while we still have a chance!! One less spider in this world is one notch closer to victory in my book!!”

“YOU MUSTN’T!!!, Patrick yelled as I raised my left foot off the ground, eager to rid the kitchen from our furry and disgusting enemy.


I lowered my foot, bent down towards the ground and cautiously focused my attention towards the crown of the little insect.

It doesn’t know it yet but it is going to help us elevate our story to the top of the search engine results pages

There, amidst the matted fur and spindly hairs I saw the branded sign.

“What the hell is a spider doing with a dot and a dash imprinted into the back of it’s skull?”, I questioned as I lowered myself even further, keen to grasp a closer look.

“It’s not a normal spider”, Patrick responded. “It’s a digital search engine soldier”.

“A DIGITAL WHAT???”, I spluttered.

“A digital search engine soldier master. Created during the dawn of the World Wide Web, it’s sole purpose is to crawl the internet, indexing content as it moves from site to site”.

Utterly confused by what I was hearing I ushered Patrick to continue with his explanation.

“You see master, a search engines main purpose is to connect a user (or searcher) with the correct web page they are looking for. The engine itself is a software system and upon request it presents the user (searcher) with a line of potential validates often referred to as search engine results pages or SERPs. This information is generally displayed through the use of pages and imagery”.

“But what does any of that have to do with this horrible little wretch lying on the ground in front of me?!”, I flung back, not satisfied with the answer I was hearing.

“IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SPIDER!!”, Patrick counter argued before I had a chance to lay out my rebuttal.

“It is this spider and others like it that ensure the search engine is always up to date with the latest and most accurate source of content”.

“Without it master the World Wide Web would be awash with inaccuracies and falsehoods that could destroy a character or topple a nation if left to their own devices”.

“We live in an age where answers are mere seconds away at the tips of our fingertips. The majority of western civilisation now has access to miniature portable computing devices at all times. Imagine the anarchy that would ensue if that information proved to be completely false!!”

“Millions of individuals commit their waking moments to the confines of their digital displays on a daily basis. As heart breaking as that vision is, it’s imperative that those displays are kept up to date with the most accurate of information.

“Each day, this little creature sets off on a new and terrifying journey, navigating the World Wide Web as it uses it’s digital thread to tie cohesiveness from one artefact to another. It is this creature alone that keeps the vitriol that lies within the murky depths of the Dark Web at bay.

“That’s all well and good Patrick”, I replied. “But how does it affect what we are trying to do?”

“This little guy”, Patrick responded, “is going to help us connect our content with the far reaches of the internet. It doesn’t know it yet but it is going to help us elevate our story to the top of the search engine results pages”.

As Patrick laid out the future he had in store for the furry creature I took a step back and pondered it’s fate. Things had just gotten a lot more interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

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