#9 Crystal Clear

Susan opened his eyes slowly, gently allowing the light to creep back in as his vision regained it’s structure and his surroundings gradually came back into focus.

There, towering above him was the giant creature from a few minutes previous, it’s eyes bulging and it’s mouth wide open.

Anticipating an encounter, Susan tried to scurry off to safety but his legs would not work. He was still regaining consciousness and it would be a few more minutes before he would be able to escape to the confines of his nest far above.

Whatever had paralysed him had done so in a swift and commanding manner. As he lay there completely helpless, Susan tried to think back over the last several minutes, seeking answers to the situation that he now found himself embroiled in.

“My name is Susan”, he said, “and I think I am here to help you”

He could remember the little one drawing a diagram, that much was certain. He thought back to that moment trying to see if any additional shards would fall back into place.

“He drew and he murmured”, Susan thought to himself. “Drew and drew and connected one to the other”.

“But what did he draw?”

Susan pondered that thought as a surge of electricity began to grow once more deep inside. He noticed the strange feeling and immediately began to panic. Whatever had happened a few minutes previous was beginning to happen again.

Eager to seek out the answers he desperately needed he pressed onwards, delving deep into his mind as the feeling began to overpower him once more.

“This feeling of paralysis is directly tied to that creature’s drawing”, Susan thought to himself as he disappeared into the chasm, recounting the last several minutes in vivid detail.

The more he pictured the drawing the more the feeling grew until eventually he could sense unconsciousness creeping it’s way back up his spine and over his skull, a stormy veil that beckoned to pull him into the darkness once more.

He disregarded the feeling as he scoured his mind for answers, eager to understand what had happened before and what was now happening to him all over again.

His mind focused once more on the creature’s drawing.

“What had he been piecing together?”, Susan thought to himself. “What had he been connecting from one to the next?”

He pressed deeper into the far reaches of his mind, pushing himself to the very limits of his capabilities as his eyes began to cloud over, the darkness slowly succeeding in taking him away.

As he was about to fall victim to the unknown for the second time in as many minutes, he managed to edge his psyche over the precipice and glimpse at the drawing he so desperately sought to see.

One by one the nodes came clearly into view, each one containing a powerful message inside it’s charcoal circumference.

Susan’s eyes darted from one to the next as he found himself shouting the words out loud for all to hear.

“A list”


“Constant traffic”

“A  L I S T !!!”

“R E V I E W S !!!”

“C O N S T A N T   T R A F F I C !!!!”

Something quite peculiar was beginning to happen. As Susan shouted the words louder and louder the darkness began to recede. What started with his eyes as the murky cloud began to dissipate gradually extended to his skull, neck and torso. The veil was slowly disappearing from his body and life was gradually injecting itself back into every fibre of his being.

Susan found himself breathing more slowly, his focus returning and a new sense of calm eclipsing him from head to toe.

He shouted the words one final time.

“A  L I S T !!!”

“R E V I E W S !!!”

“C O N S T A N T  T R A F F I C !!!”

The darkness disappeared completely and Susan looked towards the creature peering over the edge of the windowsill far above.

“My name is Susan”, he said, “and I think I am here to help you”.

With that, Susan rose to his feet and flexed his legs in the afternoon light. He now knew what he had been born to do.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

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