#11 Two Becomes Three

You’re here to help us?”, I questioned. “A spider……is here to help us……”.

I was standing directly over the little creature, my arms resting on my hips and my head cocked to one side in an inquisitive yet damning nature.

“Are you getting this Patrick?”, I continued. “A spider apparently, has come to our aid……… What a load of dross!”

I was about to turn and walk away when Patrick interjected, ushering me over to the windowsill so he could use me as a ladder to reach the ground where the spider lay in waiting.

I am at your aid little thing and will tirelessly work to fulfil my kinds prophecy

Patrick approached the creature slowly, keeping one arm constantly outstretched so as not to alarm it with any sudden movements.

“So”, he began. “Your name is Susan and you think you are here to help us”.

Patrick could sense the spiders worried skepticism so he quickly followed his opening line with another response in an effort to defuse the situation and coax the little creature into conversation.

“I believe you”, he continued. “I believe that this very moment was written into the scriptures long ago”.

“You know the scriptures I speak of don’t you”, Patrick persisted. “Written long ago in an age now forgotten, your forefathers spoke of a master web and a joining of ideas. An ultimate nodal display. A connection so deep and so vast that the physical would connect with the digital in a seamless yet beautiful manner and that all who came in contact with such a display would be elevated to the highest point of awareness and digital success”.

Susan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How did this strange being know about their scriptures? How did it know so much about their past?

He didn’t get a chance to ruminate those ideas as the creature interrupted his train of thought and carried on speaking.

“I too was apprehensive”, Patrick continued. “When I began to draw the self publishing diagram for my master it did occur to me that the illustration was beginning to resemble the tales told by your forefathers. I quickly denounced such a hypothesis early on and was satisfied with the happy coincidence of the entire act until you fell to the floor beneath the windowsill”.

“Your appearance at that very moment Susan, your entering into the equation as I finished the diagram and completed the connection of the self publishing nodes could be a coincidence no more”.

“What had been told long ago was now beginning to manifest itself into reality”.

“Your fathers and their fathers before them were right Susan”, Patrick continued.

“The prophecy is real and you are the glistening knight. You are the one that has come forth to lead your kind and bind them with all that are willing to listen and to learn”.

“I’m sure of it Susan. It has to be true”.

Susan took a step forward, bowing graciously in a regal and dignified manner.

“You are correct little being”, he said. “Although there is much to deliberate and much to discuss I too believe everything that you have just said to be true”.

“I am at your aid little thing and will tirelessly work to fulfil my kinds prophecy”.

“Hold on, hold on”, I interrupted.

“What prophecy!?”

“What glistening knight!!?”

“I’ll let you explain to him Susan”, Patrick answered. “You can tell it better than I can”.

“Well”, Susan began. “It starts with a savage war and the hiding of a mysterious gem”.

As Susan recounted the tale that had led to this very moment I sat down against the wall and listened intently. As strange as all of this was to hear, my gut was telling me to open my mind and take it all in.

And take it all in I did.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.42.32

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