#12 The Conversation

We have a situation Mr Noble”, the voice echoed through the other end of the line.

Conor hated when people called him by his surname. It usually meant one of two things. Either he was in trouble for something he probably hadn’t done or he was about to be in trouble, again, for something he probably would never do. But that was the nature of who he was. An easy target. One that assumed the role of burden. He often wondered why that was the case. Was it his demeanour? His quiet and apprehensive presence? Either way, whatever it was it was something that had shadowed him his entire life and he could feel it begin to creep through the receiver of the telephone as his superior began to speak.

The camera!, he exclaimed to himself. First I need to find and disable that camera

“No doubt you’re wondering why a small metal box is flashing above your desk with the word ‘DEFECTED’ written across it. Before I continue Mr. Noble, although I am not currently in your office that gives you no excuse to be slouching in your chair. This is a place of work Mr. Noble and we must adhere to our rules of conduct at all times”.

“JESUS CHRIST!!!”, Conor thought to himself as he shot up out of his slouch, pulling his chair towards the desk and nearly toppling over in the process.


He found himself repeating those words out loud.

“You have a camera in my office sir?”

“Of course we do Mr. Noble. We have a network of cameras strategically placed throughout the entire compound. It is for your own safety Mr. Noble and the safety of the entire workforce”.

Conor didn’t like how he said the word ‘safety’. It sent a shiver down his spine.

“Now Mr. Noble”, his superior continued. “Seeing as I have your full attention I will proceed. Our systems have informed us of a known quantity surfacing in Sector 7B. It is most likely a glitch but protocol deems we investigate nonetheless. We need you to stay at your post until further instruction Mr. Noble. I will be in touch again very shortly”.

The line went dead before Conor had a chance to respond.

He didn’t like this. He didn’t like it one bit. Whatever was happening was more serious than his superior was letting on.

A known quantity. Glitch. Protocol. The nature of the telephone conversation alluded to the very opposite. Something serious was definitely occurring and his superior did not want him to find out at all.

“Wait here for further instruction”, Conor thought to himself as he focused his attention once more on the flashing metal box sitting above his desk.

“I think I’ll do the opposite”.

Instinct was telling him to get out in front of the situation before it had a chance to take him over and leave him far behind.

He pulled his chair closer to his desk and began to formulate a plan. Whatever he was going to do had to be done with the utmost discrepancy. After all, he was being watched and if he did anything out of the ordinary it would be picked up immediately.

He rapped his fingers on the desk in front of him as he pondered his next move.

“The camera!”, he exclaimed to himself. “First I need to find and disable that camera”.

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