Part 6: Spherical Array

Nerve endings pulsed, trying in vein as they surged with all their power, each rev a vivid step closer to actionable thought. “Awaken”. Silence eclipsed as the nerve endings roused once again for another bout of fluorescent jolt. “Awaken Keef”. As the cold, dark atmosphere began to envelop the nerve endings pushed forward with all […]


Part 5: Shit For Brains

“LOWER HER DOWN GENTLY PATRICK!! WE’VE FOUR MORE BUCKETS TO FILL BEFORE THE DAY’S OUT AND WE NEED TO GATHER AND COMPACT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!”. I knew I was shouting but I needed to keep the conversation going. Things had changed since Patrick’s near death endeavour the previous week and I was intent on […]


Part 3: Train Of Thought

Patrick paced frantically inside the control room in my head as I dialled Ciara’s mobile phone and waited for her to answer. He had just spent the previous two minutes upending the entire office, breaking desk drawers and scattering manuscripts as he tried to find a solution in our hour of need. The coffee stains […]


Part 2: The Coffee Incident

Children screamed out in terror, loved ones embraced for the very last time, molten liquid scorched and disfigured every fibre it touched as it thrashed from object to object turning peaceful continents into famished islands in mere milliseconds. Entire generations were obliterated, their lineage ascending into tale and legend, never to be witnessed in physical […]

I had decided that wearing suits, knotting ties and saying phrases like "Mocha Mocha", "Hiya Hiya" and "Venti no whip" in Americanised coffee establishments was a terrifying thought and so I had decided to 'Feck Off' for the year in search of enlightenment.

Part 1: It Begins

I sat alone in the corner of the apartment hidden from view and void of any meaningful thought. The desk before me stretched endlessly in both directions, completely bare from any belongings yet it’s winding etches and oaken lines begged to whisper a story of a time gone past. “It wants to tell us something!”, […]